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Mismatched Socks that Help Bring Sight to the Blind and Visually Impaired.

What is SWAP Socks?

Our socks are designed to be distinctly mismatched, yet complementary. They serve as an eye-catching, wearable statement to show support for the movement to end preventable blindness. In the process, they spark natural conversation about the power and privilege of sight, which so many live without.

We believe that creativity and confidence leads individuals to generate true, sustainable change in this world—and we channel that idea directly through our designs—twisting a common thread for a greater cause.

Our Packs

Every SWAP PACK contains 4 different socks. This gives you the freedom to swap styles around, and create 6 unique pairs to choose from.

So instead of wasting time searching for a matching pair, you can confidently slip into any two SWAP Socks you like. We also happen to think keeping a tidy sock drawer is highly overrated... sorry Mom!

True Blues
Sticks & Stones
Cool Ocean

"A vision without a plan is just a dream. A plan without a vision is just drudgery. But a vision with a plan can change the world.”

Socks With a Purpose

Visual impairment and blindness are devastating health problems, currently affecting approximately 285 million people worldwide. Health officials estimate that 80% of the world’s visual impairment is either preventable or curable, with access to proper treatment and education. 

Nearly 90% of people suffering from some degree of significant visual impairment live in developing countries, where access to sufficient eye care is hindered by many factors. Unaffordable or unreliable delivery of health services, little public awareness of eye concerns and their causes, geographical obstacles, and the low prioritization of eye health among global health initiatives all perpetuate this pressing global concern.

The clear reality is this: societies in which children and adults are frequently left unable to read, to participate in a full education, or contribute to a labor force compromises their potential for economic development. 

Eye health is a crucial part of overall health and wellbeing, and it merits to be treated as such. Disseminating information and spreading awareness is an important step in developing solutions for complicated global health issues like this one. 

Coupled with a push for spreading awareness about this devastating issue, SWAP Socks will be donating half of all our profits directly to bettering the lives of the visually impaired through various charitable channels and organizations. Change is incremental and nuanced, but knowledge and activism are powerful driving forces.

Swap your socks for the world to see.

Who We Are

SWAP Socks was founded by Roger Nahum, Match du Toit, and Cole Page.

After dedicating our collegiate careers to the applied sciences, we decided to channel our critical thinking and problem solving skills to address one of the world’s most solvable, yet under-recognized public health concerns: preventable blindness.

Pulling from a lifelong interest in fashion, we developed a unique and progressive product. Through deliberately mismatched designs with a distinct aesthetic, we created socks that command attention.

Inspired by chance encounters, our collective, broader vision for how to positively impact the underserved has matured into a unified mission. It just so happened, our literal vision was the inspiration for our figurative one.

In 2014, we created SWAP Socks for the world to see.

Thank you!

Welcome to SWAP Socks.

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